Funny or Die

In my secret alternative universe I am a hilarious standup comedian with many fans that both love and hate me. They probably love me, but sometimes I say things that cross over that invisible line from comedy to offensive, but then they forgive me and they let me tell more jokes.

We live in a world of pills and medicine and things you need to take to be healthy– hi, I take an anti malarial every day for lupus…not malaria. I know it’s cheesy, but I truly believe we have lost sight of some of the best forms of medicine. Things like the belly laugh.

If I’m lucky, I’ll have one deep down belly laugh every single day. This is the laughter that makes you cry and has the power to create insta-betterness. How many pills do we take every day to create happiness. Belly laughs don’t come often enough but when they do, you are immediately aware that happiness exists for free and can be found anywhere.

This morning I woke up without an alarm at 5:30. I debated going back to sleep for 30 minutes but the time seemed trivial. Instead, I chose to make a cup of coffee and watch some funny or die. I got a good laugh in and now I’m positive today’s gonna be a good day.

What was I watching? THIS


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