Freaky Friday

Growing up, every Friday night was horror night. My best friend Danielle and I would browse the aisles of our local Hollywood Video for the perfect scary movie. Every week was something new- Jeepers Creepers, Child’s Play, The Omen… We preferred the obscure movies that we could mock while watching. We would stay up throughout the night eating junk food and talking in order to stave off any nightmares. At least that’s why I was staying up and talking. Despite this weekly ritual, horror movies always terrified me in the same way that heights did… Yes, I’m terrified of heights, but somehow I always wanted to go on the biggest and fastest rollercoaster.

That was when I was 16. Now, 10 years later, I’m a bigger scaredy cat than ever before and if I don’t have to watch something that’s going to make me possibly wet the bed or see imaginary witches in the closet I won’t. Unless I get outvoted in a movie night. Like last night when my friends and I decided to stay in for a low key Friday night movie. But there is nothing low key about watching Sinister.

This was my view of the movie:

Because this is how grown ups watch horror movies. Under a blanket. Biting their nights. While compulsively eating popcorn.

Fortunately we cooled off with an episode of The Office or it would have been nightmares for days.

What’s a low key night for you?

Guys… Do you like horror movies?! Any suggestions for the next time I’m feeling wild?