Running Outdoors and Chicken-y Dinners

Title should be read to the beat of The Sound of Music’s My Favorite Things. Now that you’re aware, read it again please. Ok, great. Without further ado, we can get this show on the road!

What made Julie Andrews Maria so gosh darn happy? Apparently, a lot of crap loveliness. Who doesn’t adore bright copper kettles and schnitzel with noodles?! Really? You don’t?

Ok, those weren’t my favorites, but I do have to agree with Maria Julie Andrews on two of her selections.
Whiskers on kittens. Adorbsville ahead! And I don’t even like cats.



I am also feeling fairly inspired by this gem of a line:

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are my favorite things. Period. Julie Andrews Maria had me at spring. And this weekend into today felt like spring.

What a wonderful way to kick off Memorial Day weekend and real spring. Not this bogus stuff we’ve been calling spring. And today on my run I was able to sink into the season and think about a few of my favorite things that I encountered while on my run today:

1. Passing by a burly old man on a cruiser bicycle with his dog riding shotgun in a basket. This dog had put in some solid years. He was grey whiskered and had clearly been in plenty of bicycle baskets in his day. Not even a single flinch.

2. A little boy, maybe 2, trying to race me. I did not let him win. That won’t help you survive the zombie apocalypse. Gotta keep it real with these kids. but in all seriousness, what a cute little baby with a wicked Afro- I’m not sure I have the hair to produce a child with an Afro, but if I could, oh, I would.

3. A young woman running with twin teeny tiny babies. She was in beast mode and completely passed me. There she was, new mommy taking on the world. I always admire these moms and think – if they’re doing it, why exactly am I not?!

4. Citizen Cope popping in for a cameo on my iPod. I was using pandora today and what a pleasant surprise when the bass comes in and it’s citizen cope jamming out.

5. A woman meditating on the boardwalk. I had this calming feeling take over as I passed her. I can respect anyone with that kind of willpower. She appeared to be so humble and pleasant. I wanted to be her.

Oh, and how could I forget?

6. Bumping into this guy:

With our crazy work schedules we tend to do our own workout thang during the week. It was a pleasant surprise to see him starting as I finished.

And then I got home and cooked this:

And it was also one of my favorite things. And at 9:30 p.m. I believe it’s time to relax.

I hope you’re all having a productive Tuesday. Keep it going! It’s almost hump day!

What are some of your favorite things?

Do you also think Julie Andrews Maria was a little too cutesy in the things she loved – Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles… Come again?

Julie Andrews killing it


13 thoughts on “Running Outdoors and Chicken-y Dinners

  1. Your chicken looks fantastic! And I imagine schnitzel is probably delicious, though I’ve never had it. Packages tied up with string? Maybe not…

    • Jess, it was like a page out of your book! It was so, so good. I followed directions through blue apron (go to their website if you haven’t seen it). It was easy to do but made me actually have to cook and not just microwave everything.

      Packages tied up with string I’m assuming means- PRESENTS!

  2. I continue to be very jealous of your beautiful runs by the sea! I found a new route through the very posh part of Birmingham, massive houses, long leafy avenues, not a person in sight! Favourite things, hmm… cocktails, parma ham, aaaand my balcony!

    • Yes, runs by the ocean are beautiful! But the grass is always greener, I love scenic back roads runs as well and we don’t have too much of that here.

      Parma ham?! What’s that?!!! (Don’t worry, I know about cocktails…)
      I love my balcony as well. Last night I was able to eat dinner outside and it was lovely.

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