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I haven’t given you too much to read as of late… I’m aware. But I’ve been doing a ton of reading. And news watching. And working. And running. And yoga-ing. And blogging has taken the back seat and maybe it will until July. Until then, I would like to share an article I had the pleasure of coming across (thanks Jess!) and get your thoughts!

20 Habits of Highly Authentic People
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After reading this article I realized two things.
1) I have not been the most authentic person throughout my life
2) I have thankfully become much more authentic in the past year

So I began to analyze what makes me genuine and where could I relate?

Authentic people:

1. They aren’t afraid to express their opinions even though those opinions might be different than the opinions of the majority.

In some ways I have always been true to myself and my identity- at the age of sixteen I was the person to go to if you wanted it straight. I was also the one in class fighting against every opinion that didn’t fit into my understanding of the world. I still find myself defending my beliefs on a day to day basis, go ahead, tell me sexism doesn’t exist. I’ll read you my manifesto.

6. They allow their friends and people they meet to show their true selves.

Hell yes. The weirder we are, the better. And I love that we can all interpret life in such unique ways. Case in point, one flower, five ways:
Some measures of authenticity I’m not sure about. Others I’m still striving for:

19. They let go of critical and ill-wishing people, although they don’t hold any bad feelings towards them.

Yep. I hold bad feelings towards people from time to time…

Does that make me immature? Maybe…

And after reading this article, I was led me to the question- does authenticity come with age? Do you grow into it?!

When did you begin to feel most like your truest self?
What’re your thoughts on this article?


6 thoughts on “Reading Material

  1. I am right there with you on having bad feeling towards certain people…I worry it makes affects me in a bad way, but then I read that meme and thought, “that is so true!” whatever. No one is perfect =)

    • We did the flower through paintnite- not sure if you have it in your area but I believe it’s a huge trend of the moment that’s popping up everywhere. It was held at a local tapas restaurant on a Wednesday. It was a great way to drink some sangria with great friends while getting into the paint zone.

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