Lessons from Students

Do what you love – love what you do. It seems like a simple concept. As the first class I ever taught finishes their four years in high school I’m reminded of the real reason I started this job. It makes me happy. Teaching isn’t easy- don’t get into it if that’s what you thought or what someone told you. It is a job only for those who can handle it. The profession will at times wear you down- you may even cry on your second day as you drive into work (I only cried one time… And that’s a real accomplishment). This is a job that can be thankless- it is hated and judged by many. Maybe it’s our own memories surrounding our education that plagues our feelings towards educators.

But I love this job. I love teachable moments. I love the perspective of the world and the naive views that many freshmen begin the year with. I love seeing them go from babies to young adults. I love when they visit me after they have new teachers. Or when they are in college. I have students that are 22 now. And I love that some of them are exactly where I was when I started this profession. And some are looking to become teachers themselves.

So, on the last day of classes, as I said goodbye to so many of my “kids” I was very touched by one letter in particular.

And it doesn’t matter what your profession is- just remember that every day you make a difference in someone’s life… Sometimes you don’t even realize it.

Do you feel appreciated in your job?
What role did teachers/school play in your life?


6 thoughts on “Lessons from Students

  1. Such a touching letter! You are obviously making a positive impact on a lot of lives 🙂 It has always amazed me how teaching is one of the most important professions yet so under appreciated, not mention how much teachers’ salaries have been scrutinized!

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