When Crying is Acceptable

I got pulled over two nights ago. The reason? Let’s just say after hours of flying and travel, I was hungry and pulled a maneuver towards the first open pizza shop in my vicinity… As a bicycle cop stood watching (and I assume perceived my action as unnecessary) Let’s just say I’ve been on this rodeo before and I’ve gotten coughseveralcough tickets and never have I gotten out of even one of them.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting on this- I’m nice, I’m polite, I say officer, I have a PBA card… So what am I doing wrong? I’m pretty sure cops must hate my face- then again, after questioning many who have escaped tickets, I have assessed the common thread- tears. I have never unleashed the water works, call it pride. I just assumed if I was honest and respectful cops would say, you seem honest and respectful, be more careful next time. Nope. You need to unleash tears.

This officer in particular was by far the meanest I have ever encountered, and keep in mind I have experience in this area of expertise. I took out PBA cards from NYPD friends- he scoffed and told me to put them away. I explained my travels, exhaustion, and hunger- he asked me if it was safe for me to even be driving and that I was irresponsible for driving while tired. That’s when it hit me, nothing is going to work on this guy.

At first the tears were a desperate last ditch effort to save myself points and a few hundred dollars. Then they became real as he continued to attack my character! He said, so you were at a work conference?! No one should ever hire someone that makes driving decisions like you. hmmm. Now I’m offended because I’m a pretty savvy driver- I even looked both ways, officer robo cop! Then again, I mean,haven’t you guys heard about the connectedness of crappy driving and people deserving jobs?

As I pitifully wept, he continued to harass me and then out of no where said, just go. I sat in my car completely unsure of what to do… go as in drive away? I decided it was safer not to ask any questions and left. Needless to say, I am terrified to bump into officer farva ever again.

Lessons learned?

People who are given bicycles instead of cars are not pleasant.
Be careful where you pull u-turns… No matter how hungry you are.
You don’t deserve a job if you make a bad driving decision.

And last but definitely not least…
Crying does work.

Have you ever gotten pulled over? For what? Did you get out of it?!


18 thoughts on “When Crying is Acceptable

    • Oh yes, and possibly many times if you are me. One time I got pulled over and it wasn’t even me that they meant to pull over. The ticket was all wrong- car, license plate, place I was speeding (wasn’t even on that road). Boo!

  1. I’ve never been pulled over, and it seems more common in the US than here. The first time I bumped someone in the car I cried. ever since though it’s pride, I keep my cool and don’t admit anything!

    • I also learned if they ask you if you know why you were pulled over just say no. Usually I was like, “yes, I was speeding.” Damn being an honest person! Never works out doing the right thing hahaah

  2. I didn’t cry the last time I was pulled over and I got a ticket…every time I cried I didn’t get a ticket ha h ahahahaha

  3. Jeez – sounds like a jerk! I’ll remember the tear trick if I ever get pulled over, although I have a feeling I wouldn’t have to make myself cry. I cry way too easily, lol. Especially if anyone in an authority position is slightly not nice.

  4. The two times I hit another car I was in tears when the cops pulled up. One of those times I was driving my fiance’s (now husband’s) car and had to call him to tell him. I was even driving in Louisiana without a state ID (I kept my NY ID all 7 yrs I lived in NOLA even though the law says you have to get a Louisiana one after 30 days living there). Never did I cry intentionally but I never got a ticket. Alex kept telling me I’d get it in the mail, but I never got one 🙂

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