Carpets are gross. And I say this as the farthest person from a germaphobe. For four years I have been begging my super to rip out my crusty carpets, the story is always the same, yes, Talia, of course. And then it doesn’t happen.

Well, let me tell you about a teacher on summer vacation that doesn’t believe in vacation. That disgusting carpet is no more.

Filth, dust, and more filth is what I uncovered… That and a beautiful and destroyed wood floor. The poor wood underneath was completely and totally covered in paint. Now there was no carpet to cover it with (since it was now in the dumpster) so I had no other option except for manual labor. Scraping off each paint chip with a scraper. I know, the obvious would be a sander, but for reasons I don’t fully understand I couldn’t use one on these floors.


So I sat and scraped and then my love, Lauren, saw my pathetic attempt at cleaning and joined in. She sat with me for hours helping me scrape tiny paint chips off of the floor. And then she suggested painting…

Classic Lauren move: Tal, just paint, you’ve wanted to anyways.

And the next thing I knew we were at a hardware store picking out paints after over 8 hours of cleaning and scraping. It may have been the cleaning fumes and the dust, but I picked out a light yellow green. Not a typical choice for me, but like I said, cleaning fumes. We invited some girls over and did what all girls do when we get together, more manual labor.


Ladies and gentleman. After two days, I reveal my almost complete product.

And this my friends, is a real summer vacation. Now, off to the beach.

Also, help! Accent color advice?! Color for an area rug?! Decorating tips?! I’m not good at this stuff.


21 thoughts on “Cindertalia

  1. Good for you! What a gorgeous floor you had, hiding underneath there. And all you needed were some good friends, a few hours of hard work, and {it looks like} a few bottles of wine to help you find it. Now you get to enjoy it all summer long 🙂 Congrats!

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