How do you Fourth?

Happy Independence Day America!


The day always feels better after getting in a good workout- I fully intend on single handedly beating the new Nathan’s hotdog eating champ… Because nothing says America like a hotdog anything eating contest.


But in all seriousness, no offense to Ron Swanson, go educate yourselves! And laugh in the process! (Click me)

Wave that red white and blue- and if you’re not from the US of A, go have an America party! Or let off fireworks! Or cry at the sight of an eagle!



4 thoughts on “How do you Fourth?

  1. “Cry at the sight of an eagle” HAHAHA love it!

    Once this stupid Hurricane Arthur goes away, and the weather improves tomorrow, we don’t plan on leaving our pool very much. I got my ‘Merica on last night in a 10K race that was hot as blazes and had the fireworks cancelled.

  2. ah yes! The day does always feel better when you can start off with a good workout. Great way to start off a great holiday weekend!! Happy Independence Day!!!

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