Israel, oh, Israel

Let’s do this! Ready to board el al- feeling good (and safe)!

I got my nails did yesterday for my last hurrah. Let me just say… They’re awesome.

My last night home was wonderful. Here’s to being fortunate enough to live in a beautiful country already- both inside and out (most of the time).


Peace out America- in the wise words of my brother:

Have fun. Peace in the Middle East. Wear your sun block. Don’t talk to any shifty Jews.

Aw, family. See you in 10 days!


7 thoughts on “Israel, oh, Israel

  1. I came across your blog when I googled something like “birthright israel with chronic disease”, so I have to ask, were you able to do everything? Did they let you sit out if you couldn’t?
    I have a type of arthritis and I’ve been putting off birthright for a while now. I’m not in remission but I’m pretty stable at the moment, and I’ve travelled quite a bit. but group trips make me nervous – i’m not “out” (no one really knows I have arthritis), and I’m worried about things like the hiking (mostly masada), and other activities. Like you mentioned in one of your posts, the fatigue hits me too. Did you find them accommodating to you? Were you able to participate in everything?

    thanks 🙂

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