To Mermaid or Not to Mermaid…

That is the ultimate female question. Long hair vs. short hair… It’s quite the conundrum.

Have you ever seen those makeover shows where a girl has hair to her knees but refuses to cut it as though it was a necessary extremity?! Well…

True life: I rather let my hair grow out ratty with massive roots and damaged split ends then get a bad haircut and color. This has actually worked out well with hair fashion giving ombré it’s moment in the sun. These aren’t roots… It’s ombré.

Is this hair anxiety? Absolutely. Hair anxiety that was born from the stresses of poor hair decisions. And in part, this anxiety was caused by my mom. My mother, a woman that begged and pleaded with me not to cut my beautiful long hair. I did. Not to dye my beautiful blonde hair. I did. Not to touch my face with piercings. I did. Word to the wise: if you are a parent, be careful what you push on your children… They will rebel. And I will now show you some of my favorite hair moments and if you pay careful attention you can also see some classic eyebrow style moments as well.

1. Aunt Lori, I know you did my hair and in the 90s, this was the coolest. Especially the bra strap headband used for the ponytail. Now… I’m not sure what we were thinking.

2. That time I thought braiding my hair in Jamaica would be cool.

3. The time I didn’t learn my lesson.

4. When straight bangs were the coolest thing since the last coolest thing.

5. When I had a quarter life crisis and made my friend buy boxed hair dye with me only to destroy my hair and then go even darker… To then go even lighter. For way too long. With blonde roots.


6. When rebellion was the coolest. And by rebellion I mean that one streak of pink I had.

7. A multitude of bangs. Full on. Side swept. Awful, terrible, no good, very rotten, bangs.

The fear is real. I have made so many poor choices- some too heinous to share with the world, which is saying a lot because I’m a huge over sharer! This is why the IDEA of cutting and coloring my hair is better left as an idea. But yesterday I caved in because I recognized the fombré nest I have been rocking was borderline unprofessional. And it’s almost that time of the year where I have to become a professional again. So I made the call and decided, like I always do, to go drastic. Because- it’s just hair. It will grow back… That’s my hair mantra. And I did it.

I said sorry to my mom- like I do every time I decide to cut it all off… and I made the plunge.

And I realized that I needed to get a little weight off my shoulders and that sometimes change ain’t that bad. Now I just have to figure out how to tie my hair back so it stays while I’m running… And how to relinquish my love for looking like a mermaid.


6 thoughts on “To Mermaid or Not to Mermaid…

    • Thanks Chris! And seriously laughed out loud while on the treadmill while reading that I should burn the braid photos. Those are the kind of pictures you mortify your teenage daughter with as she leaves to go on her first date hahaha

  1. Change is good. You gotta keep it fresh and experiment. Your hair looks beautiful. Great change… Just don’t ever get a face tattoo! ; )

  2. It looks good! I’m a big believer in the “it grows back or out” mantra. Which is probaaby why I have dyed my hair multiple colors, some good- some bad, and I usually chop it off once a year. My problem is that I do it all myself.

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