Love Thighself

Muahaha. My cousin posted this online and I couldn’t help but to put it on here. Wouldn’t it be amazing if diddly squats worked half as well as full squats, body weight squats, jump squats, and many other evil squat variations that exist in the world, a la here. I would do diddly squats all the damn time. But it just doesn’t work like that, now does it?!

This post comes at an interesting time considering last night I dreamt that I had liposuction on my knees… Then woke up and I didn’t… Disappointed. But whatever. One conversation I have very frequently with my female friends goes something like this- I don’t look like I did in my early twenties. And I wish I appreciated it then. I said something like this because the conversation can never truly be replicated due to its vapid nature, but you get the point. We are always so focused on what was, rather than what is. AND to make matters worse, we never appreciate what we got ’till it’s gone. I have a few theories as to why, but for years I have been trying to praise myself for what I can do instead of remembering what I never had to do (except munch on some bagels every day for breakfast and eat fries every day for lunch) to have a size four frame that no longer exists. Those were the days.

Now that I know the truth, that I will only truly appreciate my skin, hair, figure, until years after I regularly bashed it, I need to make it my mission (and maybe you should to?) to shut the you know what up. And make a promise with myself to appreciate things like the gentle lines developing around my eyes, or as john calls them , my happiness lines. Thanks, babe. You must be super happy. Because getting older is the inevitable, and as my mom says, it’s much better than the alternative. If you can’t figure out the alternative it means being dead. I’ll pass. I’ll get older. So here’s to getting older and eating better and working a little bit harder. And here’s to being able to say that at 2 months shy of 27, I am in such better shape than I ever was at 22, 18, 16, and every age in between.


One thought on “Love Thighself

  1. It’s funny you know, being healthier as we get older. At 33 I also find myself healthier than I have ever been. Seeing as the men in my family are prone to heart attacks and strokes I figured running and eating better would give me the best chance I can get for getting old. Keep up the great work.

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