Teeth Ruin Everything

If you’re wondering why I’m so quiet, it’s because speaking is impossible at the moment. I’m out of commission with an infection- wisdom teeth to be removed within the week. On a positive note, any excuse to eat ice cream is good… Pistachio for lunch, I’m thinking peanut butter for dinner. Maybe when I’m on less Vicodin I will write about my recent yoga experiences! This is coming from a person who had to take Vicodin one time for a surgery, and then in fear, dumped the rest. This week I got to take a class with one of my favorite people, and recent yoga school graduate, Jess. I was so fortunate to attend her first official class! Here’s to her accomplishments and many more in the future! Particularly her ability to make me reflect on truth and perception. But more on that later!

For now, I’m going to finish painting my nails, maybe pass out, and I can only hope that when I wake up they look as good as I think they do in this moment.


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