Seeing the Finish Line

Yesterday I woke up excited to go to yoga- 20 is such a nice round number. This thirty day challenge is quickly coming to the last 10 days. Mind = blown! I didn’t necessarily want to take the 10 a.m. class, but I definitively didn’t want to take the 8 a.m. 

Morning classes: tired but the classes help my body adjust to the morning. When they are done I have the whole day ahead of me and I feel inspired by the fact that I have a huge checklist off of my day.

Afternoon classes: mid day classes, like the 4 p.m. are bittersweet. I enjoy that I can be out the door and have time to get ready for dinner, or whatever the night brings. On the other hand, I frequently find myself running to these classes because I’m in the middle of my day. On two occasions I’ve been at the beach and have to leave to get to class. One time I just went straight to class. Let’s take a life lesson- 105 degrees and sunscreen do not mix  well. I was slipping and blinded in pain throughout class. So I learned my lesson. The next class I went sun tired and water deprived. Maybe third times a charm?

Night classes: I like that when they are done I can go home, shower, and have the most sound sleep there is. On the other hand, I find myself tired from the day and less likely to work to my potential. 

At this point I go to whatever class fits into my schedule. That’s how I’m rolling. 

Either way, yesterday’s class was a pleasant surprise when I found out class was taught by a guest teacher,Bruce  Kessler.  Bruce was a personality- from the east coast, but living on the west coast, he entertained throughout class. I found myself pushing my body further than I have in other classes. My main theory as to why I worked harder is that I had the best spot in the class. I was right in front of the sliding glass door. And he loved to open the door. No one opens the door. At one point he asked if they open the door frequently in the studio and in unison me and the man to my right said “all of the time.” The class had a good laugh, which is nice to do every once in a while when you want to die from heat exhaustion. 

Bruce ended class by letting us all know that he lost his aunt tragically as a result of Hurricane Sandy. This death  was transformative for his personal journey as he recognized the need to live a fulfilling life. Bruce now owns and runs a hot yoga studio based in Mexico and offers retreats for people. Personally, I rather lay on the beach and call it “hot yoga” every time I get up to get another piƱa colada, but that’s just me. Here’s the information if this is something you might enjoy!