Class was coming to an end- thirty days: they flew and crawled all at the same time. Right as we laid in our last savasana, the instructor gave me a complimentary shout out and the class gave my a complimentary clap. Aw, shucks you guys! I had one of those I’m so uncomfortable, but I’m also loving every minute of this smiles planted across my face. There were times in class where I wondered if I was going to make it out alive- I understand that’s slightly melodramatic, but if you follow my blog you know the way I ride. If you know me personally, the blog does not represent a fraction of how much I love hyperbole. I didn’t cry last night, but I did smile, and as Jess and I walked out of class last night I was tapped out. Tapped out, but proud. Sweaty hugs went around.

A woman came up to me at the end of class to congratulate me and asked me how I did it, stating that she was on day 3. I told the truth:

  • I did what I could and if I couldn’t, I didn’t. I respected my body and it’s limitations of any given day and just because my body didn’t want to do something one day, didn’t mean I couldn’t give it a shot the next.
  • I never compared myself to others. If anything, what others were capable of became an inspiration to me every single day.
  • I was inspired by others- I’ve written about this before, but I love that Bikram caters to people of different genders, sizes, religions, races, ages… it doesn’t matter. We are all here for the same reasons, we are all here for different reasons. But we are all here.


I don’t care if I’m not the best and that my back bend is not perfect. I did it! I do care that I was wearing that outfit on my last day. Definitely could have chosen some cuter gear.

So, now to my first day off. How did I spend my first day off? Feeling slightly lost, like I’m forgetting to do something while simultaneously feeling like I can challenge the world from my couch. My body wants a break, so my body gets a break! I thought about running and bike riding, so instead I went to Bed Beth and Beyond and bought myself a new comforter. Because my body deserves a comfortable sleep! I can’t say I haven’t gotten some kind of workout today-

photo 1 photo 2

Life is exceptional.


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