Happy Feet

If you’re anything like me you know the value of being non-materialistic. You also know it’s the duty of all good Americans to contribute to the economy and buy lots of things.

So, as part of my civic duty, I always try to help stimulate the economy. Rings, Shirts, Bags, Cookies, Coffee…. Whatever, I can do to bestow upon our society a better, stronger, America. On this fine Monday I decided to buy a pair of sneakers.

For every pair of sneakers you buy, Obama will shed a year of thankfulness in your honor. If you don’t like him, imagine it’s someone from the Tea Party, or whoever you prefer.

Due to my donation towards American debt, I would like to say, you’re welcome.

But in all seriousness… I just needed to feel motivated to run today and it was due time for a new pair of sneaks. Happy consumerism Monday to me! And in super-seriousness, the only thank you I’m getting today are coming from my feet. You’re welcome!

It’s my first time buying Asics. What’s your favorite running sneaker?!


Today a friend posed a point that made me think about this question:

Do Americans expect to be happy and therefore are continuously disappointed when their expectations aren’t met? Are we a consumer society, continuously expecting NOW, NOW, NOW?!


Is this an American thing? Is it a 2014 thing? Followers from other countries, I would love to hear your perspective of American culture and American culture in relation to your own.

Also- are people actually doing this? American parties (click me!)

Happy Tuesday!



This was my morning run. Flags are up, a volleyball tournament for cancer research is filling the beach, people are piling into town. Makes you reflect on the beauty of life and how we need to appreciate all that we have. The boardwalk has been in progress throughout the summer as we rebuild from hurricane sandy. Today they opened the newest extension of the boardwalk. John and I ran 2.5 rather than the usual 2 miles because WHY NOT! It’s a beautiful day to get outside and do ANYTHING! Happy Saturday! Make the most of life.