Practice Makes you Closer to Perfect

The room was nearly black with only the melodically changing traffic light peering through the window. We sat in the silence of savasana and in that moment, in my breath, I knew that going to yoga tonight was necessary.

I’ve been fully focused on my running endeavors while neglecting my yoga classes and as I entered class I recognized my dedication to running has put a damper on my ability. What they say is true- practice makes perfect. Or at least near perfect. Balance. There needs to be balance, and yoga helps establish that equilibrium in my life. I need to remember that when I get wrapped up in my training.

Tonight, for the first time, I did crow pose, and I did it twice. Remember that time I uttered the words “crow hell no“- well, never say never. My body understood the posture and I felt the comfort within it. Going to class was the right decision.