4 Things I’m bad at.

  1. Waking up before 6:00 a.m.
    1. 6:01 a.m. with the smell of coffee brewing and I’m unstoppable.
  2. Saying “no” to:
    1. Food of any kind. Don’t put it near me, I will devour it all. Sayonara honey mustard and onion pretzels. Hello stinky breath.
    2. Work, in any capacity.
    3. Friends. I just love their faces so much that I tend to forget about the fact that occasionally the energy is lacking and grandma needs some sleep.
  3. Saying “yes” to
    1. Me time- Getting my nails done, treating myself in any capacity. I have fallen off the damn rails in 2017.
    2. My mom- Hi! I love you- I’m still here. Keep checking my blog for updates. Kidding- we talk every day, but seeing your mom is always something special. Time should always be made for family.
  4. Putting my sneakers on.
    1. Unrelated to the fact that I choose bunny ears as my main source of lace tying.

And it’s not that I’m worse than most- The challenge I associate with making multiple trips to the car, the whimsical voice that sings in my ear and says, “you’re being good…it’s froyo- add the brownies and the snickers. ADD THEM!” These are the feels that internet memes find their base in.

This is why I understand the struggle for many when it comes to making the best choices for ourselves. Because I’m no better at making them for myself- despite having a blog in which I advocate for being a better version of myself. Because on some days I am, but on some days I’m not, and on many days I’m just trying to put my sneakers on. Or I’m pretending like I can’t find them. Even though they are clearly on a shoe rack in my closest.

We are all the same. Hoomans!

And finally, it’s not that I’m only bad at 4 things. I’m just bad at making a list that exceeds 4 points. The type-A person in me is suffering over the fact that I couldn’t muster a fifth point. But here’s where I’m at my fellow humans- let’s cut ourselves a break. Let’s pat ourselves on our back for our efforts. Let’s get better at saying “no” when it’s right, and stronger at saying “yes” when it’s essential. Yes?

Peace and Love xx

26 Things at 26

I fully acknowledge that with only twenty-six years under my belt, I still have a lot to learn. With that being said, I have learned a great deal in my short life. As I sit hear marveling at the outpouring of love I received from friends and family for my big 2-6, I would like to reflect on the full 25 I just put in.

1. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I will always be my mother’s child. And she will always be my support and stability. She is always here when I need her the most. This year alone she came here just to take care of my when I was sick. She stayed by my side, came with me to doctors appointments, and helped nurse me to health.

2. I have a short attention span and I sort of suck when i’m no longer entertained. Spoiler alert… I am still a complete child.
3. just say no. sometimes you have to. I learned this more this year than any other year. I cannot push myself and I need to learn my limit.
4. We own and create our happiness. It must be authentic and sometimes you have to work to find it.
5. Forgiveness is real. Being weighed down by negativity is one of the most unhealthy things that can take hold on a person. Maybe it’s the scorpio in me, but forgiveness does not come easily. My ability to forgive made me grow as an individual.
6. Material possessions are just that, material. I still enjoy them…
7. Healthy food is no fun.
8. The older I get, the more I prefer to eat like a frat boy. Maybe it’s because I live with one…
9. Run. Run. Run. Hate it before. Find inner peace when it’s over.
10. I love the City, but I could NEVER live there.


11. My phone is almost always off.
12. I hate text messaging. I prefer to call people, but it doesn’t work in a 2013 world. I usually call and quickly get a text back… “Hey! What’s up!” Isn’t calling easier?!
13. I acted in school plays in high school. One of my goals is to try out for a play when I have time. As much as I want to try out, it’s a huge fear of mine!
14. There is always time for yoga.
15. Nothing in life comes easy. The best things in my life are the things I worked hard for and obtained on my own.
16. Handwritten notes are always a plus. They can bring a smile to my face no matter what.
17. Making time for people does get more challenging with age and circumstances. Jobs, marriages, babies, moving… These are the new hurdles our simple friendships now face. Like any relationship, friendships take work. I have amazing friends, they are worth it.

18. Jump.


19. Travel as much as you can. By yourself or with people you love. It doesn’t matter!








Anywhere. For the past three years John and I have gone to a new city a minimum of once a year. last year we traveled to New Orleans. Such a great experience and way to see this beautiful country.

20. Be silly and be able to laugh at yourself.

21. Learn to admit when you’re wrong. Still learning.
22. Smile. There’s something about a smile and a laugh. It’s contagious! There are days where I need to catch it. So if we can all just pass on that love we can a real lovely energy.
23. Think before you speak and treat others how you want to be treated…real revolutionary stuff, right?! But seriously people!
24. Lay in bed for an entire Sunday morning and let yourself watch ridiculous (dude let’s friends drop pumpkin on his head), hilarious, and adorable (babies, puppies, other tiny animals) videos with your significant other. Don’t worry about anything for a minimum of one hour.
25. Pobody’s nerfect. My mom taught me that one. It’s true. It can be easy to make snap judgments about people, but, you will never be able to understand the life of someone else.
26. Always celebrate your birthday. It’s a celebration of your life. Everything you have learned and all that is in your life. Another year just means one more year of things to appreciate.

Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered

…All I ever wanted

All quiet on the New York front- I’ve been preparing for a Florida visit to see The Grandparents.  As I wait in the airport for my silver chariot to arrive I will be sure to write (and believe me, I have a lot on my mind).  Before I leave I will leave you with a life update in lieu of an actual entry.

Yesterday: woke up late, went to a work training program, skipped out on running in order to have an impromptu date night which included eating an entire pie of brick oven pizza and cannolis.  It was worth it.  I will prove it was worth it by attaching images of food porn.  We followed up our food coma with a lovely bike ride and movies on the beach.

Today: Work, ate cookies, came home to pack, did not pack, and in an effort to not be a bum John and I went running.  I began to create a list of things I like to do to pretend I’m not running when I am running.  The list will debut shortly.  Off to pack in an orderly fashion.  Which includes, of course, a list (which includes, of course, a doodle of a dragon.)

Now… onto the food porn.


I will be in Southern New York until Monday so get ready for some entries.  If anyone has book recommendations speak now or forever hold your peace.  Speak now!  I need some good reads.