Four Miles of Bliss

Four miles of bliss… Bliss is a huge overstatement – more enjoyable is more accurate. I’ve discussed how I feel about music (click here for a recap), and I have to tell you, running to music is absolutely mandatory. I’ve realized that I make connections with my music and each song has meaning in my life. Below I’ve attached 10 songs from my 4 mile playlist, some lyrics, and videos. Be warned- some of the songs are absolute garbage (I’m lookin’ at you Ke$ha and Pitbull) but they get me moving. Others make my heart melt and are absolute favorites. I’ve italicized my personal reviews on my music choices and included lyrics that are:

a) ridiculous.


b) speak to my soul (I’m so corny I know).

1. Pitbull & Ke$ha- Timber 

I can’t help it. This song is catchy. This is how I started my run. I can’t help but imagine a ho-down to this song with it’s odd country-esque rhythm. Is this song serious? Why do I like it?! Help!

It’s going down, I’m yelling timber
You better move, you better dance
Let’s make a night you won’t remember
I’ll be the one you won’t forget

2. Sublime – Seed

This song makes me want to rock out. Sublime reminds me of summer and rebellion. I can’t post their lyrics- a little to risque for some of you folks (Hi grandma!) 

3. Passion Pit – Sleepy Head

When I realized John and I had to become friends it was in between talks of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and his cell phone ringing out this song. We hit it off immediately and now I call him my ride or die B. 

4. Matt & Kim – It’s Alright

I think Matt and Kim are the bee’s knees. Running music? I’m not sure. But I love them and I love this video- you have to watch it. 

5. Matt & Kim – Let’s Go

See above. I secretly want to be as awkward and awesome. Not so secret anymore… And the lyrics below, how essential are those words?

Say what you wanna say
Make it mean everything

6. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home

Every lyric to this song makes me warm and fuzzy inside. This song can be the anthem for anyone in your life. What do I mean exactly? Lyrics like these:

Laugh until we think we’ll die,
Barefoot on a summer night
Never could be sweeter than with you

The video below is not the actual video or version, but I had to attach it due to adorable-ness. 

7. MGMT – Electric Feel

I love running to the beat when this song comes on- it’s bizarre, it’s trancy, and it makes me run completely erratically, but it makes me feel like a hippie chick and I think that’s groovy.

8. Blink 182 – Dammit

Hello! How can this song not get to you?! This song is being young: “Well I guess this is growing up” – when I was in high school that line made panic set into my entire being- is this growing up?! Also, the song makes me want to mosh. Where are my Etnies? 

Please look at these babies too!

9. Big Boi – Shutterbug


10. Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow 

I can’t explain the love I have for this song, but it makes me want to run. This is my pump up song- when it comes on I’m good for another mile. And this is how I completed my run yesterday.

What are your running songs? I would love some input! 

The New Yorker

A day with my family revolves around our food schedule.  At breakfast we were discussing when we should have lunch and during lunch we were discussing dinner.  At some point I was discussing if and when I would fit in a run.  Today was appearing to be more of an if day.  Especially after this monstrosity, the New Yorker.

behold the New Yorker.

behold the New Yorker.

Florida in the summer is a complicated place and everything that I could say here has been said before-  It is humid and hot as hell outside, over air conditioned inside, and no one can drive.  I decided to stay off the road and head to the clubhouse for a swim.  After some serious debate over whether or not to pack my gym clothes I packed them up and headed to the pool for some R&R.


I wanted to take a hotdog legs shot (see here: but decided against it. Here are some of my new friends, wading in the pool, discussing the complexities of life.

After, oh, ten minutes, my attention deficit kicked in and I was bored.  I had already flipped through 2 magazines, texted friends ridiculous pictures, and gone in the water.  I knew what I should do, but the idea of running on a treadmill was paralyzing for some odd reason.

I walked into the gym and should not have been surprised to find this in a retirement community.


Treadmills for everyone!

I followed this up with a 10 minute procrastination stretch session and then flipped through about 5 songs until I found THE song.  I don’t discriminate when it comes to music.  My Pandora stations include:

The Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Spice Girls, Hot Hot Heat, The Lonely Island, Florence + The Machine, Santana, Deftones, Tool, Swedish House Mafia, Sugarland, La Bouche, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, LFO, Bob Marley, 311, Beyoncé, Passion Pit, Rihanna, The Strokes, The Beatles… I’m done writing.  But you get the point.  Whether my tastes are good or bad, I am eclectic.

I then began my run and it just did not feel the same as the fresh outdoors, but I knew that today was the day that I was kissing 2 miles goodbye.

How did I know?  Because I felt empowered by Beyoncé and Rihanna.  I felt like a powerful black woman who could do anything!  I was a survivor… I wasn’t gonna give up.  I was crazy in love.  If anyone walked in I was having the time of my life.  At one point I was singing Rihanna’s “Hard” like I was convinced I was just Rihanna in the gym.

They can say whatever I’ma do whatever No pain is forever Yup, you know this
Tougher than a lion Ain’t no need in tryin’ I live where the sky ends Yup, you know this

This song was then followed by Bruno Mars and then B.o.B., who both convinced me I am a beautiful girl.

So there I was… a beautiful, powerful, black woman who could take on the world.  I walked out of the gym, 3 miles in the bag, looked in the mirror.  Still the same old white Jew from Long Island, but damn.  I did it!





I have convinced myself that if I count down the lampposts along the boardwalk the time goes by faster.  So there I was, running the boardwalk and beginning my “lamppost countdown.”

With 5 lampposts left Passion Pit’s Carried Away blared in my headphones.  I picked up the pace.

4 a smile spread across my face.

3 the sun was blinding and beautiful.

2 I’m almost there.

1 I’m crying.

There I was- by myself, crying on the boardwalk listening to Passion Pit.  For any observer this would have been quite the odd thing to see.  A twenty-five year old female, alone and sobbing for no apparent reason.  Fortunately it was 6:30 in the morning and the only people out were me, the seagulls, and some man that I swear was secretly racing me.

This was my catharsis.

When I woke up that morning I knew I had turned a new leaf that would be a journey, and possibly a struggle.  I put my sneakers on with determination, did a stretch, and was on my way.  When did I let myself stop caring? When did I convince myself that I didn’t deserve to be an active 25 year old?  I didn’t even know when the slump started, but it did.

My story starts in 2003 when I was sixteen and diagnosed with lupus.  My new story started yesterday morning.