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I mentioned last weekend that I’ve been trying to shake a cold… It will not be shaken! When I get sick for an extended amount of time I begin to think that my innocent cold is my not so innocent other friend sneaking up on me. If you have lupus you may know this fear and it’s semi-paralyzing because I don’t want to do anything that may wake the sleeping giant. It’s challenging to explain to a person that does not have lupus how this affects a person with lupus. Having a flare is TERRIBLE, and if I sense one coming on my life will get put on pause until my body feels “right.” In an effort to stave off any serious problems I have made rest a priority.

My week nights thus far has been spent on a couch. Again. Thursday night at 4 p.m. I was sound asleep. Last night, 9:30, done for. The last thing I remember was trying to get falafel from the fork into my mouth… Didn’t happen. This then led to my decision that the food should be put away, I dropped the tzatiki sauce all over the kitchen floor. Damn you, NyQuil!

On the other side of the coin, I’m now up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday! And, I feel refreshed. As miserable as that may sound to you, I don’t mind it. If I could, I would like to ease into every day with a nice cup of coffee and some light reading. This luxury doesn’t happen frequently, but when it does I enjoy clearing my mind on the internet. This week seemed to give an additional need to escape the real world.

An open letter to facebook:

Dear facebook,

I want to say I loath your existence, but I don’t. You have kept me entertained for countless hours when I needed you most. I would specifically like to thank my facebook friends for some perusing material that I will now share with you all.



On to the posts:

1. I enjoyed this one for it’s idea. As much as I hate my phone, and my friends know this because I am always cellularly out of touch, I have been just as guilty of this crime. In the 21st century we love our technology and we love to distract ourselves with it in public. I think it’s a nervous habit that I’ve developed. Now I’m realizing that I have stopped biting my nails… It’s making so much sense. Regardless, playing on our phones is r-u-d-e, rude!

How Phone Stacking is Civilizing Dinner with Friends

Also, if you have not watched Louie C.K. discuss his disdain for cell phones, watch this. There is something so freeing about giving up your technology.

Something Louie C.K. and I can agree on!

2. My first job was in a coffee shop. Despite sucking at that job, I still have a deep rooted caffeine addiction. How did I suck at it? Besides never remembering how to make any of the drinks I also broke the frappuccino machine. You know, the one that looks like a giant slurpy machine. I let go of the handle too fast and it flung up and shattered. Frappuccino went everywhere. I then experienced the wrath of my furious Egyptian boss (I only mention that so you can imagine is accent as he was yelling at me). I then also learned the power a young female has when she hyperventilates while crying. I kept the job.

Coffee always seems to be a source of controversy. In fact, this year the DSM-V mentioned caffeine usage as a disorder (click here). So be it! I have a caffeine disorder. Well, good ol’ huffpo recently wrote about the positive side of coffee. I like to imagine this is how a nicotine addict reacts to news on cigarettes.

well, this article says it kills you, but this article suggests that it makes you look cooler than people who do not smoke

When it comes to caffeine I only trust the news that says it’s good for you anyways. The articles that say it is damaging just don’t know what they are talking about. Seriously, every other day eggs can kill you or make you magically gain 10 years on your life.

Read this coffee lovers! huffpo coffee tawk

3. My final post for the day is just photos. This is for those of you that are like, I just read two articles and your blog, I ain’t reading no mo’

This is AMAZING. I love creative people that think to do funny things to their babies. Isn’t this why people have babies?! Click on the photo below for the link and more importantly, cute baby!



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