Smile, Beautiful

Just loading that imagine onto this page scared the be-Jesus out of me. But that’s pretty much how I looked as I crawled out of bed in an effort to transition into what the clock called 5:30 and my body called 4:30.

I dragged myself into my living room and for the first time ever did some morning yoga postures, stretching out my tense running legs. I was surprisingly surprised to find that a few stretches (plus the smell of brewing coffee) helped make me more alert. I decided in that moment that our life is the mindset we create- it’s the intention we set for ourselves. I began to think about last Friday and the negativity I was holding on my shoulders as I mustered false smiles and insincere laughter. I have this little pet peeve- I hate insincerity. I hate falsifying anything, let alone my happiness. What kind of crap is that! And with that, I looked to change my perspective for this week.

This morning, I got up, I was a character from The Ring, I completed some yoga stretches, and something clicked. Maybe it was that much needed Saturday dose of vitamin D hitting me, but I knew today was going to be good.

It was an ordinary day, I worked, in fact I put in a 10.5 hour day, I got home with enough time to change only to run out the door to go to yoga. I got home, ate leftovers (ridiculously delicious leftovers…), and now I’m writing. There was nothing unique or special about today. But I smiled all day and I caught myself hysterically laughing on multiple occasions. And today I felt my happiness emanating from my whole being. There was nothing notable, remarkable, or outstanding about today. It was a Monday. But I was smiling, and it was genuine.



10 thoughts on “Smile, Beautiful

  1. That’s wonderful – and did you notice if your smile sparked smiles from others? I seem to draw energy from smiles I pass on, and when they get returned to me. There is something magical in them. This post made me smile, so thank you! Hope Tuesday is even better 😀

  2. Ok ok ok … I saw the title of this blog, clicked it …




    Seriously though – it sounded like you had a wonderful day that just … IS. Yeah Monday … yeah normal … yeah happy. 🙂

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