Go Home Excuses, You’re Drunk

Woke up and the roads were saying “don’t drive on me” so work was canceled. I was up, dressed, makeup ready, but what was I doing? Nothing. John and I decided to face the truest test- if you can make it to the gym in the snow, you can make it anytime. We passed our self inflicted test and headed out to the gym. This is particularly important to me because February is the official start of half marathon training. I began my Monday morning with a 5k in 28 minutes. I felt fabulous and powerful so I did 200 twist crunches with a medicine ball. At that point the sky was the limit so I did what anyone would do- I decided I earned the right to lay around all day.

Then I realized something pretty profound- it’s only snow and I live on a beach. It became mandatory that I suit up in my warmest gear and head down to the sand.






Remember that time, yesterday, when it was 50 outside and I was swimming in the ocean?! This is living. It’s days like today that I’m reminded that my disease does not define me, it does not control me, it’s just a part of me. I remember questioning if I would ever be able to enjoy my life following my diagnosis- the answer is an unequivocal yes.


21 thoughts on “Go Home Excuses, You’re Drunk

      • You have to play volleyball on the beach in summer, even if you aren’t any good.

        You have to go to Gino’s and eat ices and order a whole pizza and eat it on the boardwalk, just you and your bf.

        You have to see a huge moon shining over the Lido Beach hotel and remember it 42 years later

        You have to look at 330 E. Broadway and see your childhood.

        East School, West school, all aroudn the town.

        You have to remember the movies that played at the theater next to the Laurel Street diner, even though it’s been gone forever.

        More later.

      • This summer I am without a doubt playing- and no, I’m not good!
        I will definitely try Gino’s pie and the boardwalk but I’m more of a sorrentos girl.
        I’ve seen the moon- stunning.
        Is that the address where you grew up?

    • Thank you 🙂 now I just got home from work and all I can think about it how much I do not want to leave my couch. This post is a gentle reminder that I did it yesterday. Get off that butt!!!!!

  1. The beach is so pretty covered in snow! Nice job getting to the gym. I WISH that much snow would cancel work where I live. We got about 4 inches yesterday that froze up to drive home in, tonight starts another 8-12 inches and then another supposed storm is on the horizon for the weekend which they’re saying could be a big one! Can I come live on your couch? LOL

    • We are getting more snow too! As much as a snow day is nice, somehow it always results in more work in the long run… (energy is neither created or destroyed.)

      And get on line, many want to live on my couch 🙂

    • We have insane amounts of snow- more than usual! I’m just ready for the spring! It’s easy to forget how beautiful the snow is when it blocks me from working, playing, living 🙂 thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. WOW Snow on the beach! I live in Western Australia. Pretty much the sunniest place in the world. I am still amazed by snow, even though I have spent months in the snow through Poland, Russia, China and Japan. Snow just intrigues me, something so foriegn to an Aussie? What a cool way to spend the day? On the beach in the snow??? I just love it! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing little experience.

    • Thanks Shane! It’s beautiful but it gets tired real quick! I just got back from snowboarding today and I’ve seen enough snow to last me through the rest of the winter. Bring on the spring! And the sun! I would love to be in Western Australia right about now!

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