Home, Sweet Home

We are back in the U.S. Of A. and I’ve had quite the experience on our vacation. I would like to start today with a few mini experiences and things I learned as well-

Montezuma doesn’t play around.
I like to say I have an iron stomach to the point that I have bragged about it. When they say don’t drink the water, they mean it… Do. Not. Drink. The. Water. That’s all I have to say about that.

Mexico is phenomenally beautiful.
I knew this because I’m a huge Mexico fan and have traveled there multiple times, but had to say it again. Mostly for the Mexico haters. Yes, there are drug cartels. Yes, the news says it’s scary. But east New York is scary too. Don’t go to the dangerous parts of Mexico – don’t go to the dangerous parts of the Bronx.


Exchange your money- it’s worth it… Literally.
We didn’t exchange enough and we definitely lost out money wise. The exchange rate in Mexico changes as you go to different places. No matter what, you are losing money if you are using dollars, pounds, euros. So change it!

Just because you’re not home in the comfort of your own gym or space doesn’t mean you have a reason not to work out!
I know it’s tempting to say eff it, I’ll go when I’m home. I’m on vacation. But talk about stress free. I was able to enjoy myself so more by running every other day and going to the gym. We also made it a point to walk everywhere everyday, bike ride, kayak, and stay busy.


And, last but certainly not least!

When they screw up your flight, take the free extra day and the flight voucher -chaching- (great story) and make it an extra getaway. They are paying for your transportation and stay in an all inclusive resort in Cancun anyways. Might as well enjoy it!
This happened to us! They overbooked the flight, fabulous job U.S. airways and thus ensued our one night free stay in Cancun. Can’t make it up!

If there’s any piece of advice I can give to any single person- travel. Things are nice. Travel memories last forever. The experiences you receive, whether good or bad, can’t be purchased. Life was made for living.

Where’s your favorite place to vacation to?
What’s your favorite vacation story?!


13 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. favorite place: London
    a story: The wife and I took a cruise around the British Isles with my parents. This was my wife’s first time cruising. She wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t know if she’d get sea sick. Being seasoned cruisers we reassured her that ocean cruises were great and there wasn’t anything to worry about.

    It was a smaller ship and we had a wonderful time as the ship crossed beneath the tower bridge and down the Thames into the North Sea. By time we went to bed though the ship started rocking and rolling. By midnight the wind was whipping the sea into forty foot swells. She was mortified and in tears. We watched random movies all night and didn’t sleep a wink…you couldn’t lay in bed lest you want to fall out on the floor. On a few occasions the TV itself fell out of the cabinet, onto the floor. We were on a higher deck and the ocean spray, I’d estimate 80′ in the air, was coming over the cabin’s deck railing. The designer inside of me was perplexed / amazed that the ship was engineered to take such a beating: every crash down over the “waves” reverberated throughout the metal structure of the ship.

    My mind was boggled.

    My wife was terrified.

    That night was the roughest night any of us “seasoned” cruisers had ever experienced (my parents have been on dozens upon dozens of cruises) on a ship before. Of course it had to be on the first night my wife ever stepped foot on a ship.

    After that it was smooth sailing so to speak and we had a great trip.

    • That experience would have been entirely traumatic if that was me. Which tells me your wife is a badass that she took it in stride and had a fantastic trip after. I love London as well- how can you not?! So much history and beauty. Like New York in terms of attitude and busyness of people, but not in terms of the landscape of the city. One of my favorite places too.

  2. Its hard to say my favourite place!
    I loved Lanzarotte because its so warm, volcanoes on the horizon, the airport is on the beach – or an inch away!
    But Tunisia is the only place abroad I went with my fiancΓ©. It was so different to everywhere else I’d been!

  3. WOW! Mexico looks absolutely stunning! I love it when the clouds look that shade of cotton candy pink and the sky is light blue ❀ Soooo pretty!
    Thank you for those tips! I will take those into consideration when I finally take a trip out of the country =) Since I haven't traveled to another country just yet, my favorite vacation spot is the beach! Siesta Key beach is about 2 hours away in Sarasota, FL. It's voted #1 beach in America and I totally agree! The sand is so white and soft. I wanna go back now! lol. I'm glad you had a fab time on your vacay, also you look amazing working out!!

    • Christina, you have to travel out of the country! It’s such an experience! Plus you live in Florida, even taking a cruise is doable for you on a much cheaper level and then you can experience a few countries.

      Thanks for the compliment on the workout looks πŸ˜‰ can’t say it’s always true, must’ve been a good day!

      Siesta key beach sounds beautiful- I had no idea that the #1 beach was in Florida! While I love the beach I live on, I can’t say it’s the most beautiful πŸ™‚ just pretty awesome.

  4. Hard to pick one place! I’m going with the Whitsunday Islands in Australia.
    We had 3 nights on a boat there then one night in a hostel before flying to Brisbane. Middle of the night in the hostel, I woke my boyfriend up freaking out and asked ‘Are we supposed to be on a boat right now!?!?’ he says ‘um no’ and I replied ‘then why are we!?!?’. He had to get up and turn on the light to prove to me we were in a hostel ON LAND and not on some boat kidnapped and in a tiny room. We still will randomly ask each other if we’re ‘supposed to be on a boat right now?’
    I love your blog and have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! You don’t have to participate, but if you are interested, please follow the link below:

    • That’s a hilarious story. I hate that feeling of- WHERE AM I?! But that’s a damn good inside joke to have with your boyfriend.

      I have never been to Australia but I would love to go! Unfortunately, with it being around the world I just have to wait for some time to open up in my schedule πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the nomination! At some point when I have time to sit down I would love to get around to it. I took a sabbatical from blogging and now I’m back and feeling good, I need to focus on getting back in touch with that!

      • Australia is so beautiful, one day you must go! You’re welcome for the nomination and it’s great to have you back blogging again! πŸ™‚

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