Lose Wisdom, Gain Wisdom

I’m a changed woman… Changed in the sense that I have four less teeth than I did one week ago. I didn’t like them anyways. But seriously, wisdom tooth extraction is not that great of a time unless you love painkillers and Netflix. I have the attention span of a fly and the energy of a small child (wicked bursts followed by leave me alone and let me lay here by myself in silence) so you could say the whole being trapped in my apartment was not my thing. Which is probably why I wound up getting a dog.

There’s my new baby in all of her underbite glory! 1.5 and hailing from adopt-a-dog in Armonk, New York, she was surrendered by her family and rescued by us. Don’t fret, I wasn’t hopped up on a Percocet and wobbling down the stairs to take her for a float walk- I waited until the pain basically subsided and I was clear headed enough to know that we could handle this pup in our life. I would also like to clarify that I’ve been thinking about adopting her for over a month and I had previously visited her before the adoption process. Adopting a dog is like adopting a child but with more hair and no opposable thumbs… It’s a ton of work! How do I know this? Because I have raised a puppy previously!

Truth talk: when I was 21 and had just graduated college the only thing I wanted was a puggle… Yes, if it has the face only a mother can love AND has an underbite, DEAL BREAKER, I will probably love it. Well, I got him, Hudson. An awesome pooch! By the time he was 1.5 I was offered my job and made the plunge to move my whole life to Long Island. Hud came with but the adjustment wasn’t easy for him. For one, Hudson’s “dad” and I had just broken up and the responsibility for raising a dog doubled for me in his absence. I had never realized how much work a dog would be for a single parent- which makes me SUPER appreciative towards all the single parents out there doing their best to raise their children…I couldn’t do it with a dog! Another issue was the move in general- new location, new environment and Hudson wasn’t having it. And finally- I had a brand new job that I wanted to pour my heart and soul into, and by heart and soul I mean over 12 hour workdays. That’s not fair with a dog- it just isn’t! I’m fortunate enough to tell you that my mom offered to take care of him until my life was situated… And then she fell in love. It was a relief that she did because my life was so overwhelming that having him alone didn’t fit into my aspirations at the time. I learned the hard way that having a dog is a real life choice… Not a trend.

Flash forward five years later and my life is more settled, comfortable, and overall confident. I can leave work at a reasonable hour and finish what I’m doing right from the comforts of my own home. I have a supportive partner that is also right by my side to help. I’m also not 21. And- Tilly, our pup, is not a puppy. As cute as puppies are, they are babies and need a ton of work to make an awesome dog. Our girl is 1.5 and appears to be trained on commands and within the house. So if you do choose to get a dog, think about the older ones!

Will your life be different with a dog? Absolutely. Gone are the days of living completely selfishly (which is not a bad thing either so don’t give it up if you don’t want to). But any dog owner will tell you that the joys of having a dog far outweigh the challenges- unconditional love, hello! Tilly will always be more excited to see John when he walks in the door than I could ever muster up!

You could say that this week was very exciting in our household and that within a seven day window I have both lost and gained wisdom and I love it. Well, maybe not the pulling of the teeth thing. Today is a beautiful day and I’m feeling wonderful, and full of life (and amoxicillin for these stupid teeth). And with that we are off to take a walk and hit up the park- enjoy our life from the perspective of our new family member.

Peace, love, and dogs!



4 thoughts on “Lose Wisdom, Gain Wisdom

  1. talia, you were named after my mother and you now have a dog also named after my mother. did you realize that when you named her tilly? she looks sweet and we hope she brings you much love/

  2. Congrats on your new dog! We have three boston/French bulldogs and one boston/English bulldog 2 of which have wonderful under bites. Tonnes of work but tonnes of love given and received. Sucks about the teeth but at least that’s over.

    • Thank you!!! We love her so much already! We are so fortunate- she’s an amazing dog! I adore Boston’s and frenchies! So cute. I guess it’s obvious that I love short nosed and funny looking breeds. It’s kind of my thing.

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