Dog Days of Summer

I fell out of everything. If it required balance, I toppled over, ankles weak, knees exhausted. I caught my eyes in the front mirror of class full of discouragement and frustration. I mentally began a list of excuses-

  • I rode my bike a lot over the past two days
  • It could have been too much time in the sun
  • Taco Tuesday probably didn’t help

I decided then and there to set one goal for myself because the excuses I was giving myself were not helping my cause. 

Goal of the day: no matter how bad you want to sit one out, don’t. Finish every posture. Up to this point, I have been unable to get through a 90 minute class without sitting down at some moment. I vascillate between sitting during the most challenging postures, such as triangle, to the ones I deem “easy.” It was nice to give myself a challenge because once I did I was able to regain my focus.

At the end of the 90 minutes I had completed each posted without taking a single break. I had a few breakthroughs too:

  • I kind of did the locust pose for the first time. I can’t explain how difficult it is for my body to lift my legs like that. My entire body was shaking, but I got those legs up!
  • In fixed firm pose my butt is finally touching the ground, but I’m still unable to lay my back onto the ground. I feel pressure in my knees, which I know is alright to feel, but I’m not ready to push it. 
  • My camel pose is getting Kuching stronger. In the first week I refused to drop my head back. It was terrifying, my heart raced, I actually experienced discomfort over the idea of camel pose. Now, I love it!
  • In head to knee pose I actually was able to lay my leg down entirely on both sides! Progress.

And what’s insanity about this practice- today I might not be able to do anything I did yesterday. Today, my balance might will be impeccable. So I guess I will continue to set goals with intention. 

Goals for the future: attempt toe stand with more diligence.

After class I felt deserving of ice cream so we took a bike ride to a well known ice cream place in the area, Marvel, for a treat. Yes, I said MARVEL, not Carvel. Because obviously, I earned it!

I ended the night in the best way possible – 


And now off to day 17!


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