Detox Retox

I survived three sessions of yoga. I crawled out of the bikram hot room, took a two minute (exaggeration alert! One minute) shower to head straight off to beach yoga- which I was already late to. Upon getting out of my one minute (aka: 30 second) shower, I realized the only thing I didn’t pack? A new bra. Have you ever tried putting a wet sports bra back on? Wet from human bikram sweat? Don’t visualize it too much, but it wasn’t my sexiest moment. 

Beach yoga was phenomenal. A stranger joined in, an elderly lady on the boardwalk followed along, people walked up to Jess and asked her about it. Everyone had a great time. I miss vinyasa yoga oh so much

Yesterday I earned margarita(s). After all, following a sweaty bikram sesh your body needs salt, I was just trying to replenish my body’s needs. 
Detox, retox, babay. 

Day 20, here I come!


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